Shoes Factory Manufacturer Supplier Company in China

Shoes Factory Manufacturer Supplier Company in China – The Market of the shoes manufacturer in China

China is one of the biggest shoes manufacturer country in the the word. Although the shoes manufacturer of China is faced with many competition from Southeast Asian countries, China still belongs has export markets leading shoes manufacturer in the word.

Most shoes factory company in China  are located in the eastern provinces of Fujian, Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu. The shoes supplier in China are not concentrated export their products into developing country like USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Shoes Factory Manufacturer Supplier Company in China

In fact that, Most shoes manufacturer in China is made from the big manufacturers and their products are mainly sold on the Chinese domestic market, while some others company of Chinese  are now targeting new markets have many consumer as India, Nigeria and Brazil.

The shoes supplier in China target on the consumers who do not have high income. Thus the shoes manufacturer in China often have very cheap price compared to other foreign markets.

The shoes factory company in China have been accustomed to produce the products according to the specifications according to the buyer request. So we need to understand the specifications that came to define the quality of shoes. Many buyers said that this relates only to purchase customized shoes. That is a big misconception. Almost all the shoes supplier company in China, not only the material production base of shoes, they are creating products with quality deficiencies.

Shoes Factory Manufacturer Supplier Company in China

Thus, the certification of the shoes manufacturer in China standards is very important, even if you buy shoes directly from the shoes supplier in China genuine. Below is a list of product specifications you need to know when taking Wholesale Footwear:

Raw materials (for example, suede)

– Pantone color (all components)

– Material pads (eg cotton)

– Raw materials as substrates (eg PU)

– Outsole material (eg plastic TPR)

– Thickness of substrate (eg 5 mm)

– Size (eg 40-44)

– The degree of slip, slipy

Although the producers, suppliers will not ask you to give the specifications table for their products, but you still need to make a table of detailed specifications for suppliers, and ensure that they follow what you want to get wholesale shoes. If not, you can get a product made of materials and components do not like what it is described.

Shoes Factory Manufacturer Supplier Company in China

In addition to the material, product design also plays an important role when you consider taking wholesale shoes on sale. The following is a list of specifications of models, styles you can refer when taking shoes factory in China.

– Serie print (eg embossed)

– Layout Design

– Size

– Carton (eg thin wave Carton, 3 layers)

– Surface (iecalendered, rolled Matt, UV coating, hot stamping)

– Surface paper (White, 300 gsm)

– Inner paper (Black, 230 gsm)

– Inner bag (vd Poly bag)

Requires minimum order quantity

Most of shoes factory in China and shoes manufacturers have made require minimum order quantities, ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 pairs. In most cases, this is the minimum order for each sample, but can also choose to buy according to different sizes (eg, 400-500 pairs by size). As a result, many small businesses, who started his business until the traders would trouble to buy a smaller quantity. This led to many traders to negotiate with producers and allowed to enter the minimum number of 50 pairs on each sample taken wholesale shoes.

Shoes Factory Manufacturer Supplier Company in China

Shoes Factory Manufacturer Supplier Company in China

However, most traders take small quantities, their products are imported goods produced for the domestic shoes manufacturer in China. Therefore, their surface quality is pretty low. Moreover, they also trouble to choose custom designs, colors, materials and components.